Spelt – an ancient gift to the present


Spelt brings flavor and vitality to professional and home kitchens alike.

Food, prepared in a practical and ordinary manner, can simultaneously be a form of art and a source of taste experiences. Increasing appreciation for value-based food supply chains as well as the originality and purity of food is a growing trend around the world. Here in Finland, we are lucky to live in the midst of some of the best offerings of our surrounding nature.

Building SunSpelt into a strong and sustainable company has been my life’s work for the past 15 years. I have worked tirelessly and with great joy to bring to you, the consumer and partner, the best products of Finnish nature. In order to help you enjoy them, I have worked with food enthusiasts from around Finland, bringing together youth and creativity; practice and professionalism; everyday life and special events. SunSpelt products are clean and pure and of the highest quality. The recipes we share with you on our packaging, in our cookbook, Spelt – Naturally Better, and on this website in our Recipes section and on our blog, bring professional cuisine into the realm of home cooking so that everyone can enjoy the delicious flavor of spelt.

I hope you enjoy, with all of your senses, these wonderful products and the delicious recipes you create with them, in full celebration of the four seasons.

Kari Kaipainen

Kari Kaipainen

CEO & Founder