Bringing you a taste of Nordic sunshine

The moment you taste a SunSpelt product, you’ll notice something different: maximum flavor, excellent nutrition and superior quality with every bite. These are products made out of a passion for bringing the ancient grain of spelt into the modern world.

SunSpelt’s story began in 2000 when company founder Kari Kaipainen received a bag of spelt flakes and fell in love with the possibilities it contained. He decided spelt was a product the world needed more of, and dove headfirst into creating a line of products to highlight the unique flavor of this special grain.

Since the beginning, SunSpelt has been committed to producing high-quality products that are responsibly and ethically sourced – and delicious. This is healthy food for food lovers. Food that is good for the body and good for the planet. We don’t believe in compromise – not on quality nor taste nor sourcing. This means every product is organic, non-GMO and made without preservatives or additives.

SunSpelt has three flagship products which we are now bringing to the international market. Click on any of the pictures below to view more information about the product.



Spelt Fiber Supplement

SunSpelt’s fiber supplement is tasty, easy to use and practical! It is perfect in smoothies, milshakes, yogurts and quark.

Our fiber supplement is used to add nutrition to your snacks or drinks, along with a good percentage of dietary fiber (30%) and high-quality protein (19%). Not only does our fiber supplement bake well, but it also helps you to curb your hunger and stay feeling full for longer!

SunSpelt Fiber supplement comes in three different varieties:

  • Original
  • Wild Bilberry
  • Seaberry


Spelt Licorice

This delicious spelt licorice is designed to easily satisfy your sugar craving with its smooth, fresh and naturally sweet flavor.

Our Licorice will provide you with extra daily protein (6%) and is a 100% pure organic product with zero additives.

SunSpelt’s licorice is made from 100% Finnish whole grain spelt and is flavored with coconut palm nectar and Himalayan crystal salt. As with other SunSpelt products, our licorice is created using top-quality raw ingredients from our finest suppliers.


Spelt Liqourice Bar


SunSpelt Crisp Bread with Wild Bilberry

Spelt Crisp Bread

Our spelt crisp bread brings you a pleasant, mellow flavor from the 100% wholegrain Finnish spelt it is made from!

The crisp bread itself is baked with spring water and real sourdough starter, resulting in a tasty, thin and yeast-free snack or meal accompaniment. You’ll find these crisp breads delicious as a snack, as they go well with various dips and spreads!

Rich in various minerals, SunSpelt’s crisp bread are also high in protein (16%) and dietary fiber (13%) keeping you healthy!


SunSpelt also offers a large range of other products, including spelt pastas, spelt flours & spelt cereals and quinoa grains. Click here to see our full range!