Spelt - Naturally Better


Are you wondering what kind of delicacies you can make using spelt? This new book brings you recipes for all occasions!

Spelt brings flavor and vitality to professional and home kitchens alike. Food, prepared in a practical and ordinary manner, can be both a form of art and the source of a tasty experience.

Take advantage of fresh ingredients in season that use healthy spelt for tasty and good food!

Kari Kaipainen’s newest cookbook: Spelt – Naturally Better highlights the work of some of Finland’s top chefs, foodies and bloggers to bring you a fresh and modern view on using spelt every day in your home kitchen.

Some of the food experts whose recipes are featured in this book include:

Heikki Ahopelto      Joonas Hämäläinen      Sasu Laukkonen

Tero Mäntykangas     Jarmo Pitkänen     Arto Rastas

Marja Silvennoinen     Teresa Välimäki     Kira Åkerström-Kekkonen

Take advantage of these delicious and creative recipes using fresh ingredients in season paired with heart-healthy spelt to create tasty and good food for you and your family.



Spelt - Naturally better