Easily add Fiber & Protein to your next meal!


SunSpelt’s fiber supplement is made of one, simply, pure ingredient: Finnish organic spelt.

Grown in the land of the midnight sun, the long days and short nights of the Finnish summer produced a superior grain that is milled to make this product.

It’s tasty, easy-to-use and practical:

  • Perfect in smoothies, yogurt or morning porridge
  • Bakes well and adds nutrition
  • 30% dietary fiber; 19% high-quality protein
  • Curbs hunger & keeps you feeling full longer
  • Ancient grain with gentle alkalizing effect on the body
  • Always organic and free from additives and preservatives.

Available in three flavors: original, wild blueberry and sea buckthorn.

This is the taste of Finnish Nature: clean and pure.

Want to taste our fiber supplement in your kitchen? Try our Sea Buckthorn-Apple-Canteloupe Smoothie or click on our Recipes tab for more great ideas.


Wild Blueberry
Wild Blueberry
Sea Buckthorn
Sea Buckthorn